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Welcome to John Yeates Middle School

The staff at John Yeates Middle School looks forward to supporting your military connected child and family.  It is with great pride and appreciation for all military families we want to welcome you and build a supportive partnership.  We have various ways to work together. 

John Yeates has the Ambassador Program which helps students to become acquainted with their new school environment.  An Ambassador member serves as a student point-of-contact for the newly enrolled student, for a period of at least 9 weeks (one academic term).  Change is sometimes challenging, but this program helps kids to have the ability to be successful with experiences like frequent moving, deployment, navigating a new school and making friends.  Contact Geri Freeman, Guidance Director at (757)923-4105  or email at [email protected].

Another supportive person at John Yeates Middle School is our Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC).  MFLCs can help children and families with school adjustment, deployment and separation, reunion adjustments, sibling and parent-child communication and behavioral concerns. The JYMS MFLC is at school Mondays and Thursday to meet with students and family members. Our MFLC is eager to assist our military families and can be contacted by email and/or by phone at 757-359-0894 any day of the week.

Find additional information on the Suffolk Public School's Military Family Resources page, including what you need to do to prepare for your relocation and a connection to the Hampton Road's military family liaison program.  

Military Moms and daughter
Planning your Arrival to Suffolk Public Schools (Registration)
Information on the 
Registration process

Preparing your Move from Suffolk Public Schools
Information on educational records requests and transfers is available from your school.  Please contact the school at 757-923-4105 to inform/request information about student withdrawal.

Academic Planning for Military Families
Special Education: If a student utilizes an IEP, please inform a staff member upon enrollment, ao that an IEP intake meeting can be scheduled.  Information on Informed Consent is located on this page so that parents can know their rights and responsibilities per the process.
 Advanced Academic Programs: If a parent believes his/her child(ren) should be considered for advanced programs, information that verifies this consideration should be furnished upon registering.  Possible information may include (but not limited to) Standardized test data, academic grades from the previous year/school, recommendations and/or school division data.
Home InstructionPlease contact a member of the administrative  team with any questions about home instruction.

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Families
What is the Interstate Compact?  Find out here.   Watch the video here.
It is estimated that the average military family moves three times more often than the average non-military family. These frequent moves by can cause children to miss out on extracurricular activities and to face challenges in meeting graduation requirements. The Compact will ensure that the children of military families are afforded the same opportunities for educational success as other children and are not penalized or delayed in achieving their educational goals by inflexible administrative and bureaucratic practices. 

Special Needs Navigation and Parental Rights:  
This includes information on special education services and parental rights to include parental consent.  For the latest guidance regarding Virginia Consent Provisions and Parental Rights.

Contact Special Education Specialists for Suffolk Public Schools 


-Hope Holman (JYMS Military and Family Life Counselor, available at the school)           [email protected]  / 757-359-0894

-Melissa Johnson (School Division Liaison Officer for Suffolk Public Schools military families): [email protected]  / (757) 805-2963

-Brian Preston (Military and Veteran Family Services Coordinator for Western Tidewater Community Services Board): [email protected] / (757) 268-5002

-Daphne Eaton (Veteran Resource Specialist): [email protected] / (757) 942-1095 Ext. 1201

-Suffolk Public Schools Military Resources:
-Military One Source:
-National Military Family Association:
-Military Child Education Coalition:
-Special Needs Navigation and Parental Rights:

FAQ's  (Frequently Asked Questions):
What is the Impact Aid-Student-Parent Survey?  
This is a survey sent to all SPS students to determine the extent to which federal government-and-military-connected students are enrolled in our schools.  This information allows the school division to access additional federal funds that will impact educational programming in our schools.
What parent organizations can I participate in my child's school?
The JYMS PTSA is an organization that benefits students throughout the school year by providing academic and behavioral incentives, teacher grants and other recognitions by engaging with the school community at large.  They are able to provide these opportunities by creating strong partnerships throughout the Hampton Roads region, with unique fundraising events.
What kinds of extracurricular activities are offered at JYMS?
Please check out our clubs and activities page located here. 
Don't see a club that interests you?  Create it! See a staff member for more information.
*7th/8th Grade Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to participate. 

For more details or questions about specific needs, please contact the school at 757-923-4105.

Lisa O'Leary
September 2019