Spring 2021 SOL Testing Schedule

Spring 2021 SOL Testing Schedule

Letter for virtual parents

FAQs for Middle School Testing



When will the SOL tests be given?

The middle school testing calendar is posted on each school’s website and in Canvas.

What time will testing start and end?

Testing will begin at 7:30 a.m. and end around 11:00 a.m.

SOL tests are untimed and some students may need additional time to complete the test.

Students need to arrive no later than 7:20 am.

What will students need to bring to take the SOL test?

Students need to bring their fully charged Chromebook for the SOL test.

Do students have to participate in SOL testing?

All students currently enrolled in an SOL tested subject are required to participate in SOL testing. Questions about participation should be directed to the school’s testing coordinator.

Will transportation be provided for SOL testing?

Hybrid students are already designated to receive transportation on their designated school days.

Students who are 100%Virtual must have the form completed using the link below.

Virtual student(s) registration and transporation options.

My child is enrolled in an SOL tested high school credit course(Algebra I, Geometry, Earth Science).
How does SOL testing impact the verified credit and graduation requirements?

To graduate with a Standard Diploma for students entering the ninth grade for the first time in 2018-2019 and beyond, a student must earn at least 22 standard units of credit and five verified units of credit. Students earn standard credits by successfully completing required and elective courses. Students earn verified credits by successfully completing required courses and passing associated end-of-course SOL tests or other assessments approved by the state Board of Education.

When and how will I receive my student’s SOL test results?

SOL test results will be mailed home along with the final report card. If you have not received results by the end of June, contact your student’s school.