Charger Happenings


Scientists in the Making:

Congratulations to the winners of the Science Fair.  Great job Anica Stark and Ryan Andino!  Many 7th grade students showcased their projects and all did a fantastic job!

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Spreading the Cheer:

JYMS students and staff enjoy the season before a nice Winter Break.

image       IMG_0356 (2)

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A Living History Museum:

Mrs. Halvorson’s 6th grade history classes took us back in time to uncover truths about famous people in history.  

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Science Shenanigans!

7th grade Science students ventured to the James River to discover the diverse marine life in the area and learn about conservation efforts.

20141020_093929                          20141021_090526 20141020_102133                               20141020_100012


20141021_122733   20141020_102133     20141021_091528