Charger Happenings

Our JYMS students who participate in the Ladies of Distinction program recently attended an end of year celebration held at King’s Fork Middle School. Young ladies from each Suffolk public middle school and one high school who participate in the Ladies of Distinction program at their schools all came together to celebrate their accomplishments this year. Congratulations to a successful first year of the JYMS Ladies of Distinction program!



The Chrome and Recycling Club held an Earth Day Open House and Car Wash event.  Students and families got to enjoy learning and discovering new things while getting clean cars!

Image-6 Image-5 Image-4 Image Image-1


JYMS has gone “Green for the Greater Good”.  Recently, students and staff were invited to decorate their classroom doors to show their support for our school’s recycling initiative.  We had a contest for the best looking door.  While all the doors looked amazing, our winning door belonged to…


Mrs. Waegerle!!!

 Here are some of the other phenomenal looking doors!

image1 (2) image1 (3) image1 image2 (2) image2 (3) image2 image3 (2) image3 IMG_1127 IMG_1131 IMG_1139

Chargers go for a ride!

On Wednesday, March 9th, Ms. Pierre’s classroom at JYMS went on a fantastic field trip to EQUIKIDS Therapeutic Riding Facility in Virginia Beach where teachers, students, and parents enjoyed a wonderful day of horseback riding and grooming techniques.

Horse Farm Field Trip (5)Horse Farm Field Trip (7)


Horse Farm Field Trip (30)

Horse Farm Field Trip (13)

Horse Farm Field Trip (27)

JYMS is full of scientists!  We are proud to have many of our students participate in the 2016 District Science Fair.  Two of our very own Chargers were awarded top prizes.  

1st place went to Rose Ayala for her project: The Risk of Recreation Water Illness in Hampton Roads.  2nd Place went to Allison Maurice for her project: A Rooftop Life Saver.  Way to go scientists!

2016 Science Fair III JYMS 1st Place I       2016 Science Fair V JYMS 2nd Place          2016 Science Fair I            2016 Science Fair X JYMS (1)

John Yeates Orchestra recently performed at the North Suffolk Library.  We are happy to have such a talented group representing our school.

 image (1) image

JYMS Sixth grade Strings is gearing up for annual Winter Orchestra Concert to be held at Nansemond River HS Tuesday, December 8th at 7:00 pm.


Some of our 6th Grade students got a dose of STEM, by creating a Lunar “Egg-stronaut” Drop.

IMG_2195 IMG_2208 IMG_2211

JYMS is full of a bunch of characters!  On October 30th, students and teachers took the form of a favorite character for this festive Friday.

FullSizeRender (3) IMG_0489 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_8398(1)20151030_072820



Two Lieutenants specializing in Entomology from the Norfolk
Naval Base captured the attention and curiosity of our kids and proved
that science education is much more than just engineering and

IMG_1657                 IMG_1689   IMG_1718                   IMG_1730


6th grade Science students reviewed the properties of water and what
happens to our “clean” water when we are not careful with the disposal
of waste and trash into our water lines.  They showed off their kinesthetic learning cues for water cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension.

IMG_1832 IMG_1834 IMG_1837


What’s for Dinner? Some of our students found out what our Owl Birds of Prey ate last night.  Our kids did an amazing job dissecting, observing and analyzing owl pellets today. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our future medical students.

IMG_1861                     IMG_1871 IMG_1880                    IMG_1881

Tourists swarmed JYMS for Tacky Tourist Day.  Teachers dressed up to support the United Way.

Tacky Tourist Tuesday

September has been full of learning and discovery for our students!

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