Charger Happenings

Congratulations to the Graduating 8th Grade Class! 

Congratulations to all our graduating 8th graders!  You worked hard this year!
Let’s take a minute for an award show selfie:

Selfie w 8th grade academic award winners


A Hero Swoops into Yeates with a History Lesson:

6th grade History students were given the opportunity to listen to a Tuskegee Airman from World War I.  Students were able to hear a first hand account from Dr. Ezra Hill.  He also signed a copy of his book for the teachers and school.

Tuskegee 5 Tuskegee 4Tuskegee 6Tuskegee 3                      Tuskegee                  Tuskegee 2


Great Support for March of Dimes from JYMS:

JYMS had a great turnout for this years March of Dimes.  April 25th members from the JYMS team walked for babies at the Constance Wharf Marina in Suffolk.


Celebration of Earth Day 2015:

The Chrome Club hosted a car wash fundraiser April 18th.  Throughout the day JYMS CHROME students led tours of the SoWHy! Energy and weather alternative energy mobile indoor/outdoor classroom.  Electric and hybrid cars were displayed along with raffles, free massages, and a bake sale.

DSC_0079 DSC_0118

The Future of Engineering:

20 students from John Yeates Middle School’s Chrome and TSA Club recently went to ODU for an Engineering Design Competition.  We had several winners in the competition and are extremely proud of our gifted designers.  To read more about the winners and the competition, click here!

ODU Eng Comp.1     ODU Eng Design.6 ODU EngDesign Comp Balcony  ODU EngDesign Comp.12

Scientists in the Making:

Congratulations to the winners of the Science Fair.  Great job Anica Stark and Ryan Andino!  Many 7th grade students showcased their projects and all did a fantastic job!

IMG_1827 (1)            IMG_1820IMG_1817             IMG_1821


Spreading the Cheer:

JYMS students and staff enjoy the season before a nice Winter Break.

image       IMG_0356 (2)

                IMG_1584      IMG_1568     IMG_1565         IMG_159120141218_091649      IMG_4937       IMG_4933            IMG_6394      20141218_073602


A Living History Museum:

Mrs. Halvorson’s 6th grade history classes took us back in time to uncover truths about famous people in history.  

20141031_080214    20141031_08040220141031_08033420141031_094046   20141031_093737       20141031_094234       20141031_093405    20141031_100328                                          20141031_114845       20141031_080239

Science Shenanigans!

7th grade Science students ventured to the James River to discover the diverse marine life in the area and learn about conservation efforts.

20141020_093929                          20141021_090526 20141020_102133                               20141020_100012


20141021_122733   20141020_102133     20141021_091528